Out With the Old … In With the New TRENDS … (Part 1)

“The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.”

— Karl Lagerfeld

I’M BACKKKKKKKK!!!! That’s right for those of you who thought I was buried 6 feet under… guess again… i’m are alive, kicking, and ready to show you the 2013 Spring trends!

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve last blogged due to exams, plus stores have LITERALLY just cleared out all the sale crap so now we can look forward to new trends (JIZZ IN MY PANTS!)

So here is what i’m going to do… write a long BORING list of what kind of things to expect in 2013  BLAH BLAH BLAH, and then show you guys how to wear it (the fun part!). To top it off i’m going to mix my best-dressed Grammy 2013 outfits, with some of the trends..

I know everyone has price limits and all that Jazz, so i’m are giving you different brands/sites for both sexes. Let’s get this show on the RUNWAY…CAN I GET A WHATTT WHATTTT!

xo. Faux Fur (that’s right you PETAbots no need to throw red over this fashion trend … its FAUX and FABULOUS)

xo. Luxe Leather

xo. Short Suits

xo. Monochrome is on all of the catwalks this season, from Alexander Wang to Topshop it’s time to Cruella Deville yourself up in HERE! The first outfit is for all the BALLERS out there with extra cash to splash. It is available on Net-A-Porter , from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. This stunning dress can be dressed up or down with footwear and accessories. This dress is perfect as it highlights your waste and has a slight flare at the bottom (for all of you whose New Year’s resolutions went down the drain, this dress will hide those extra pounds you haven’t shifted yet .) The second outfit is designed by Osman Yousefzada, 17 Grammy winner Beyonce looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in a (what you Americans call it) Pantsuit. Beyonce pairs her outfit with matching black accessories. The final item is a combined coat from Zara, this coat is what I call timeless chic .  To emphasise the monochrome… remember FASHIONBOTS less is more, so take a tip from the Queen B herself, and pair your monochrome with simple accessories and footwear!


xo. Capes (not the batman and robin kind of capes, think chic.) I j’adore capes and guess what… it’s unisex this season… that means guys and gals you can both wear capes.

xo. Flat and Low heels are back in business! Think 90s, 90210, from dainty ankle straps to cylindrical heels.  The first and second pair of magnifique Nicholas Kirkwood flats can be found on Net a Porter. The orange suede heel, compliments the pattern on the shoe making it… QUIRKY.


The second Kirkwood pumps with a purple triangular heel, with a dash of lime are this seasons STATEMENT SHOES. These shoes have the power to rule the world… (not literally but Shoe the world… has a ring to it right?)


The final pair are from ASOS, these heels will always finish your outfit making it Mrs. Boombastic say me fantastic touch me in my back he says I’m Mrs Romantic.


The great thing about these flat and low heels are THEY ARE BASICALLY FLAT! This means comfortable footsteps. One step for man one leap for mankind.

xo. Stripes are back again (but be careful, stripes do not suit everyone!) The Striped top is designed by RED Valentino. Teamed with a colourful pair of jeans, with (hint FLAT AND LOW HEELS) will leave you looking extraordinaire.


The dress is from a Newlook concession, its figure-hugging bodycon material is REEM and everyone will be well JEL (The only way is Essex???) and  you will be drowned in compliments. Ohhh shutttt upp!!!

xo. Bomber Jackets

xo. Neon/Bright Colours (I don’t know what I’ve been told… Neon are mighty BOLD!)

xo. Velvet (NOOOO not Morticia from the Addams Family velvet… but more like… a RED velvet cake…. and everyone loves a bit of cake!) This leads us on to the next trend…

xo. RED <<< NEW SEASON COLOUR ALERT (Rust, Rose, Ruby, Scarlet, Dark Red… need I say more.)

xo. Peekaboo Pieces You may or may not be thinking what on earth… peekaboo…. I call it peekaboob. It basically means wearing items of clothing (mainly dresses) that give us a peek of your boo… not literally… but these dresses leave little to your imagination. Kelly Rowland modelled a Peekaboo dress by designer Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys 2013. You can find a similar Peekaboo dress on the Topshop website (pictured below.)


xo. Oriental from Prada to River Island stunning Japanese silhouettes and oriental floral prints will be blossoming this spring. Expect to see them everywhere! The first dress is from Emilio Pucci. The dragon Motif is brilliant, as it emphasises this trend. I would pair it with Flat or low heels and a plain black clutch. The second item is an oversized Kimono from river Island, this oriental trend will help to brighten up your spring wardrobe.


xo. Futuristic Chic which includes Shiny leathers, metallic striped statement bottoms. Metallic shoes, glittered panels, metal toe caps, metal heels. Metallic accessories and jewelled clutches (Don’t go futuristic overkill…. or you will look like the TINMAN FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ!)

Well that’s it for now FASHIONBOTS…  all the boring stuff out of the way… keep posted for a new post VERY VERY SOON…. Until next time

 Remember it’s not always about the brand, if you have style you can conquer all!

Au revoir for now!




4 thoughts on “Out With the Old … In With the New TRENDS … (Part 1)

  1. thanks for the comment! cool blog, definitely better than the average fashion blog 🙂 we will keep on reading!

  2. Scott says:

    Yea, great blog! I’ve been looking for something like this to help inspire my fashion since (or lack there of).

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